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Court Rule on Private Records Amended

shelves of file foldersUtah Code of Judicial Administration Rule 4-202.02 (Records Classification) has been amended to classify several case record types as private that were previously classified as public. These changes, which go into effect April 1, 2012, affect many family law cases.

Record types added include:

  • records in actions for involuntary commitment under court order adoption records until the records are sealed and Gestational Agreement, until the records are sealed
  • records in these actions, except the case history; judgments, orders and decrees; letters of appointment; and the record of public hearings, which are public records:
    • Title 30, Husband and Wife, except that an action for consortium due to personal injury under Section 30-2-11 is public;
    • Title 77, Chapter 3a, Stalking Injunctions
    • Title 75, Chapter 5, Protection of Persons Under Disability and their Property
    • Title 78B, Chapter 7, Protective Orders
    • Title 78B, Chapter 12, Utah Child Support Act
    • Title 78B, Chapter 13, Utah Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
    • Title 78B, Chapter 14, Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
    • Title 78B, Chapter 15, Utah Uniform Parentage Act
    • an action to modify or enforce a judgment in any of the actions listed above

Photo by Alex Gorzen and used under a Creative Commons license


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