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PACER training online

PACER.bmpHave you ever wondered how to use PACER to search for federal court records? Now you can use a free PACER training site to explore the program's search functions and capabilities, including case number, party name, and attorney name searches.

The training site will give you a login and password, and you can search real cases from the New York Western District Court filed between January 1 and July 1, 2007. You may also use your own PACER login information to access the training site.

There are other PACER trainings available, including how to efile in federal district, appellate, and bankruptcy courts.

In other PACER news, fees to use PACER will increase on April 1, 2012. The fee will increase from the current 8¢ per page to 10¢ per page. However, the amount under which quarterly search fees are waived will also increase. Currently, fees are waived if you don't accrue more than $10 in search fees each quarter. This amount will go up to $15 per quarter next April.


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