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Disposing of Electronic Waste in Utah

Electronic_waste.jpgRapid advances in technology mean shorter life spans for many common electronics. According to Greenpeace, the average life span of a computer has fallen from 4-6 years in 1997 to 2 years in 2005. As a result we bear the burden of more and more hazardous electronic waste.

The Utah legislature passed Senate Bill 184 during its 2011 session. The law, which becomes effective January 1, 2012, prohibits manufacturers from offering electronics for sale without establishing a public educational program on collecting and recycling for these products. It is still up to us consumers, however, to dispose of our e-waste responsibly.

Cities and counties throughout Utah, including Logan City, the Sandy Public Works Department and Washington and Summit counties offer free electronic waste recycling to residents daily.

For more information about e-waste, including how to plan your own e-waste recycling event, visit the Recycling Coalition of Utah.


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