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Bicycle Commuting

01574r.jpgDid you know that it is unlawful to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk in many Utah cities including Downtown Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, Moab and American Fork?

June 13 kicks off Governor Gary Herbert's 2011 Utah Clean the Air Challenge, "a month long competition ... that gives you the chance to reduce your vehicle emissions by choosing alternatives to driving alone".

With the approach of summer, what better time to accept the challenge and enjoy taking your bike to the streets on your way to work? To ensure your commute is safe and lawful, look to the handy pocket guide to Salt Lake Bicycle ordinance or the Safe Route website for current bicycle law topics and local bicycle ordinance throughout the state.

Pick up a printed copy of the pocket guide and learn more about bicycle safety, repair, and advocacy at the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, or view the full Utah Code for bicycles, Utah Code sec. 41-6a-1102 through 1115.


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