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Effective Dates of 2011 Legislative Session Laws

IMG_2702.jpgThe default effective date for laws passed during the 2011 legislative session is May 10th, unless otherwise specified in the law. This is specified in the Utah Constitution at Article VI, section 25, which states, "All acts shall be officially published, and no act shall take effect until sixty days after the adjournment of the session at which it passed, unless the Legislature by a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each house, shall otherwise direct.

To find out the effective date of a particular law, go to the Utah State Legislature's passed bills page, select 2011 General Session from the drop down box, and click on the Effective Date heading to sort the list by that criteria. The effective dates for the laws passed during the 2011 General Session range from January 1, 2011, to July 1, 2013.

Some of the bills that go into effect today, May 10, 2011, are:

  • H.B. 13, Immunizations for Teen Mothers
  • H.B. 497, the Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act
  • S.B. 124, Leaving a Child Unattended in a Motor Vehicle


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