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Clean out the Medicine Cabinet Month

medicinecabinet.jpgThe Utah State Legislature declared April Clean out the Medicine Cabinet Month (passed this session as House Bill 241). This designation is an effort to educate Utah families about ways to keep their homes safe from prescription drug abuse through the proper storage and disposal of prescription medications.

Several local and state agencies have already begun awareness campaigns on this important topic. Utah County's Division of Substance Abuse and Department of Health are among several sponsors of CleanOutTheCabinet.org. Utah County residents can find their closest medication disposal station and learn tips to keep their families safe.

The state's Department of Health and Department of Environmental Quality are two of several sponsors of UseOnlyAsDirected.org, a project that started in 2007. Here you can find research on drug-related deaths in the state. You can also find and comment on posts written by Utah residents about how prescription drug abuse affected their families.

Part of this year's Clean out the Medicine Cabinet Month is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which a nationwide event sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Grocery stores, schools, and police stations across the state are participating as drop off sites.


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