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Power of Attorney: Take the Online Tour!

Do you have questions about delegation of parental rights? Or as a guardian, if you can delegate your authority of an incapacitated adult to someone else? The Courts' website on Delegation of a Parent's or Guardian's Authority has a lot of information about this type of power of attorney, and recently we added an online narrated tour that answers many questions about the process involved in delegating authority.

We will be adding more online narrated tours soon. If you haven't already seen it, we also recently updated the Finding Legal Help tour. This five minute audio tour shows you how to search for an attorney based on location, subject area specialty, and languages spoken. It also explains how to locate legal clinics in your area, and points out free or low-cost alternatives to retaining a lawyer.

To view either of the narrated tours, you'll need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Download it here.


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