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September Holiday Hours: Labor Day

Labor_Day.jpgThe law library, and all Utah State Courts, will be closed on Monday, September 6 for Labor Day. Regular hours resume Tuesday, September 7.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, but many states, including Utah, made it a legal holiday before that. Utah declared Labor Day a holiday in 1892, four years before it became a state. Historically, Labor Day was a workers' holiday organized by labor unions and gave workers a chance to talk about their problems with management. While some states and local organizations still host Labor Day parades, now the holiday is often thought of as the last long weekend of summer.

For more about the history of Labor Day, check out the Library of Congress' Today in History for September 5 and the Department of Labor's History of Labor Day.

Today, all Utah holidays are codified in the Utah Code at 63G-1-301.


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