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New Utah Judges

ct frontview.jpgWe recently blogged about How Utah Judges are Selected. Now that you've read that entry, you may also be looking for information about judicial vacancies and announcement after a judge has been appointed or confirmed.

Press releases announcing judicial vacancies and names submitted to the governor for nomination to the bench are posted on the Utah State Courts News Releases and Media Advisories page. This page also has an RSS feed and you can follow court news on Facebook and Twitter.

The governor's office also issues a press release when the governor submits his nomination to the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee.

There isn't an easy way to follow what happens when the full senate convenes to vote on a nominee, other than watching for media stories or listening to live or archived audio recordings of these sessions. If the senate convenes to vote on a confirmation when the legislature is not already in session, the sessions are called Extraordinary Sessions. The audio from those sessions is available here.

Since August, Governor Herbert has nominated 9 judges for confirmation by committee and after that, approval by the entire senate.

The district court and appellate court judges nominated and confirmed are:
1. Judge Edwin Peterson, 8th District Court, replaced Judge John Anderson, confirmed on Sept. 16, 2009
2. Judge Frederic Voros, Court of Appeals, replaced Judge Judith Billings, confirmed on Nov. 18, 2009
3. Judge Thomas Low, 4th District Court, replaced Judge Gary Stott, confirmed on Jan. 12, 2010
4. Judge Keith Kelly, 3rd District Court, replaced Judge Sheila McCleve, confirmed on Jan. 12, 2010
5. Judge Stephen Roth, Court of Appeals, replaced Judge Pamela Greenwood, confirmed on Feb. 25, 2010
6. Judge Michele Christiansen, Court of Appeals, replaced Judge Russell Bench, confirmed May 19, 2010
7. Judge Robert Dale, 2nd District Court, replaced Judge Rodney Page, confirmed June 23, 2010
8. Judge James Brady, 4th District Court, replaced Judge Howard Maetani, confirmed June 23, 2010
9. Justice Thomas Lee, Supreme Court, replaced Justice Michael Wilkins, confirmed June 23, 2010


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