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New Utah Laws Effective May 11, 2010

statecapitol.jpegHundreds of the state laws passed during the 2010 General Session go into effect May 11th. According to legislative rule JR4-1-203, all bills become law 60 days after the adjournment of the legislative session unless otherwise directed. Here is just a small sample:

  • HB 16 Parent-time Amendments 
  • HB 21 Expungement revisions
  • HB 81 School Employee Criminal Background Check
  • HB 197 Custodial Interference Amendments
  • HB 202 Fireworks Amendments
  • HB 206 Ban on Sale of Smoking Paraphernalia to Minors
  • HB 364 Right of Identify Theft Victim to Civil Cause of Action.
  • SB 32 Rainwater Harvesting
  • SB 45 Utah Fit Premises Act Amendments
  • SB 145 Medical Malpractice Amendments
  • SB 278 Homeowners' Association Amendments

You can read all the new laws, and read laws passed since 1998, at the Utah State Legislature's Passed Bills page. Select a legislative year from the drop down menu to see bills passed that year.


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