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Avoid Census Scams

census.gifYesterday, April 1st, was officially declared Census Day to help remind everyone to mail back their census forms. If you don't mail back your census form, a census taker will visit you up to three times to collect census information.

The FTC has recently announced an alert to protect citizens from census scams, whether in person or online. Official census takers must show ID, and they will never ask to enter your home. Census takers are only allowed to ask questions that appear on the printed census forms. The U.S. Census provides some tips on what to do when a densus taker visits you.

All U.S. Census correspondence is sent by mail and only has ten questions. None of these questions ask for credit card information, bank account numbers, passwords, or social security numbers. The census form will also be sent with an pre-paid postage return envelope.

If you receive an email with attachments or links to websites claiming to be from the Census Bureau, be sure not to open the email, its attachments, or click on a link. You are encouraged to report suspicious emails or websites to the FTC or to the Census Bureau.


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