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Fashion & the Law

fashion.jpgInterested in how fashion and the law intersect? While the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wraps up in New York City tomorrow, you can stay current with fashion laws through a variety of sources, including the new book Fashion Law: A Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys.

The Office of Textiles and Apparel (part of the Department of Commerce) has a lot of information about the legal aspects of fashion law, including importing retail goods to the U.S., Federal Register notices, and Free Trade agreements. The Office also hosts webinars related to fashion law - check out the upcoming webinars and archives here.

New York Law School also provides information about fashion law through its Institute for Information Law & Policy. The institute hosts a blog and events that deal with cases and practical issues of fashion law. Of course, Utah is far away from New York; however, you can still read publications by speakers at the Institute's events. For example, the upcoming event, "Fashionably Law: Fashion & the Law Firm" features Karen Artz Ash, a partner at Katten Muchin Rosenmann LLP. Access her publications via the law firm's web site.


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