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Texting & Driving Illegal in Utah

texting.jpg Utah is one of 19 states that has banned texting while driving. Utah's law was only recently enacted during the 2009 legislative session and is found in the Utah Code at 41-6a-1716. At this time, Utah has not banned the use of all hand-held devices, so unlike at least six other states, talking on your cell phone is still permitted while driving in Utah.

Text messaging is defined in Utah law as "a communication in the form of electronic text or one or more electronic images sent by the actor from a telephone or computer to another person's telephone or computer by addressing the communication to the person's telephone number." Utah Code 76-4-401. In some narrow instances, texting while driving is permitted, such as during a medical emergency.

To read statistics associated with texting while driving, and other state laws, check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website Distraction.gov.


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