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State of...

Two important Utah "State of..." addresses have already been delivered during this first week of the legislative session. Tonight, President Obama delivers the State of the Union address to the nation.

If you missed either Utah "State of..." speeches, you can read them in their entirety online. On Tuesday night, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert delivered the State of the State address to the Utah legislature. Read the text of his speech here. Governor Herbert is required by the Utah Constitution to make an annual report to the legislature about the condition of the state.

justice durham.JPGOn Monday, during the opening day of the legislature, Chief Justice Durham presented the State of the Judiciary address, which is also now available online. The State of the Judiciary address has been presented to the legislature since 1976, the first speech given by Chief Justice Swan. Court rule gives the duty of presenting the State of the Judicary address to the presiding officer of the Judicial Council, who is the Chief Justice, unless she is unable to perform her duties.

Tonight, you can live stream President Obama's State of the Union address or read the full-text version online after the speech. The President is required by the U.S. Constitution to give a report to Congress about the State of the Union - the fact that it happens every year is tradition and not mandated by law. Check out this New York Time's article for a brief history of the State of the Union.


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