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Traffic & Driving Laws in Utah

traffic.jpgThe Utah Traffic Code governs the way you drive on Utah's roads and includes laws about speed limits, driving under the influence, and passing. Want to know if you have the right of way to cross over a divided highway? Check out Utah Code 41-6a-712. Want to know if you can regulate traffic on your own land? Check out Utah Code 41-6a-215. And if you're confused about how terms are used in the Traffic Code, there's a helpful definitions section that defines everything from "authorized emergency vehicle" to a "two-way left turn lane."

If you're looking for Utah's laws on driver licenses, those laws are located in the Public Safety Code. Check out Title 53, Chapter 3 for driver license information. This part of the Code governs who may or may not be licensed, renewal information, and the types of licenses that are available. The Utah Driver License Division also provides information about driver license laws, the handbook you should study to get ready for the driver test, and fees to apply for a license and more.

As of January 1, 2010, the Utah Driver License Division is making some changes about what types of documents are required to apply for a driver license or identification card. After this date, the Division will also no longer allow you to renew your license through the mail or online. For more information about these changes, visit the Division's website.

If you already have a traffic citation, check out the blog post on paying for traffic citations online. Or if you need to find information about traffic school, check out this blog post. And finally, the Utah Courts' website has general information about traffic matters.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact the law library.


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