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Finding an Attorney in Utah

IMG_2832.jpgRather than searching the phone book for an attorney, you can use the Utah State Bar's Find a Lawyer Directory to locate an attorney based on specialty, location, languages spoken and the number of years in practice. If you've been referred to an attorney, you can find their contact information by entering their name in the search box on the Utah State Bar Attorney & Associate Member Directory Service page.

Some attorneys in Utah practice "limited representation" - this means that the attorney and client agree that the attorney will provide specific services for a predetermined fee. The agreement might state that the attorney will coach the client for an upcoming court hearing or the attorney will draft an initial petition. Once that specific task has been completed, the attorney no longer represents the client unless they enter into a new agreement for additional services. This type of agreement is often cheaper than hiring an attorney for the entire length of your case. To search for an attorney who practices "limited representation," choose the Advanced Search Form and then check the boxes by "Contracts - Limited Representation," "Divorce - Limited Representation," "Estate Planning - Limited Representation" and/or "Family - Limited Representation." Other categories may be added at a later date.

Not interested in hiring a lawyer? Check out the Finding Legal Help page for information about other ways to settle your dispute or find a free legal clinic.

While court employees aren't allowed to refer you to a specific lawyer, if you need assistance in using any of these referral sources, contact the law library. We're happy to help.


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