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Buyer Remorse?

Black_Friday_shoppers_in_2009.jpg Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. Do you regret any of your purchases? What are your rights as a consumer to return your purchases for refunds?

Check out the resources available online at the Utah Division of Consumer Protection's website. The Division has compiled a "Buyer Beware List" that provides information about companies that have violated laws and rules and have failed to follow the Division's order to pay a fine or other restitution. From the home page, you can also access a Frequently Asked Questions section, including whether you have a 3-day right of rescission for your purchases.

The Consumer Sales Practices Act, found in the Utah Code at Title 13, Chapter 11 and the Consumer Sales Practices Act Rules, found in the Administrative Code at 152-11 govern the rights and obligations of both the business and consumer. For example, Rule 152-11-10 states that a receipt must be provided to the buyer with these six pieces of information:
1) Description of the consumer commodity
2) The cash selling price
3) Trade-in information, if any
4) The length of time a refund or trade-in is available, if at all
5) Whether the purchase is refundable and under what conditions
6) Any other additional fees

If you made a major purchase over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, such as a car, house, or boat, other laws might protect you. For example, if you bought a new car on Black Friday and now realize you're driving a lemon, Utah's lemon law might provide some protections. Check out our previous post Don't Get Stuck with a Lemon for information.


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