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Minors & Employment in Utah

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Child labor laws are found in both Utah and federal laws, and employers must ensure they are not violating any of these laws if and when employing an individual under 18. The Utah Labor Commission has information about the types of employment minors may be hired for, and the Utah Code discusses very specific tasks that are permitted for minors in different age categories.

For example, with consent of the child's parent or guardian, a minor of any age may perform agricultural work and home chores. U.C.A. 34-23-207.

Children ages 10 and older may deliver newspapers, shine shoes, caddy, or perform lawn maintenance without power-driven equipment. U.C.A. 34-23-206.

Besides the types of employment listed in the Utah Code, the Labor Commission has determined that 17 occupations are too hazardous for any minors of any age to perform. The hazardous occupations include roofing, excavating, and operating a meat processor. Click here to see the entire list.

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