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2008 Mortgage Fraud Report: Year in Review

The FBI has recently released the 2008 Mortgage Fraud Report--Year in Review, which discusses mortgage fraud issues and threats from a law enforcement perspective. Because this report identifies emerging schemes of mortgage fraud, it may help you identify whether you may have been a victim of mortgage fraud. It also provides graphs and maps with information about top markets for foreclosure.

The report identifies these emerging and continuing areas of mortgage fraud schemes:
* Reverse mortgage fraud
* Credit enhancement
* Builder-bailout schemes
* Foreclosure rescue
* Serial property flipping
* Short-sale schemes

To address these issues and other mortgage fraud cases, the FBI created the National Mortgage Fraud Team. For more information about the Team, you can listen to the FBI's podcast about mortgage fraud or read FBI Deputy Director John S. Pistole's congressional testimony on mortgage fraud.

If you have a mortgage fraud complaint, you can report it to the FBI using this form.


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