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Tips for Searching Court Records

SCREENSHOTXCHANGE.JPGIf you're having trouble searching court records online through Xchange or using CORIS at a district courthouse, here are some tips to improve your results:

  • In either program, enter both a last name and first name to search. Searching by a last name only will match that last name with any first name. This may result in thousands of matched results, especially if it's a common last name like Smith.
  • In either program, use the * symbol after the first name to catch any variation using that name. Court records may have recorded a party's first name using a middle initial, full middle name, or with no middle name at all. You can even use the * after the first few letters of a first name or last name if you are unsure of spelling.
  • In CORIS, case result tables show cases in gray or bold. Grayed cases are closed, while bolded cases are still open.
  • In Xchange, you can narrow your search by any date range.


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