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January 28, 2009

2009 Annual Report

The Utah State Courts' Annual Report to the Community is now available online.

The Report highlights the Self-Help Center and the Utah State Law Library, as well as the reorganization of court clerks.

January 26, 2009

2009 State of the Judiciary Address

Today at 2:15 p.m., Chief Justice Durham will present the State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the Utah House and Senate.

Listen or watch live through the Legislature's website. After the speech, you can view a copy of the address via the Utah State Courts' website.

Wireless Password: xenia

The wireless password for the week of January 26, 2009 is xenia.

More information about wireless access in Utah's courthouses.

Opening Day of the Utah State Legislature

Today is the first day of the 2009 Utah legislative session.

The Utah Constitution was amended by voters this fall to change the opening day of the Utah State Legislature from the third Monday in January to the fourth Monday. Previously opening day coincided with the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday.

The legislative session runs for 45 days. The amendment to Article VI Section 2 of the Utah Constitution also included a provision that excludes federal holidays from the count of legislative days, so Presidents' Day is no longer counted as a legislative day.

You can track the work of the Utah Legislature during its session on its website: http://le.utah.gov.

January 23, 2009

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents is Now Daily

The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents is now the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents. This change became effective with the new presidential administration on January 20, 2009.

Whatever its title, this is the official publication of executive orders, proclamations, presidential statements, messages, remarks, and other materials released by the White House Press Secretary, and is published by the Office of the Federal Register.

From the Daily Compilation page you can browse documents by date or search by keyword.

Researching and Using Utah Appellate Briefs and Other Appellate Resources

Curious about how to find and use appellate briefs?

Check out Mari Cheney's article Researching and Using Utah Appellate Briefs and Other Appellate Resources in 22 Utah Bar Journal 22 (January-February 2009 ).

The article describes how and where to find briefs, and summarizes other appellate resources such as the appellate opinion notification service, online oral argument recordings, and pro se guides.

January 19, 2009

Wireless Password: weigh

The wireless password for the week of January 19, 2009 is weigh.

More information about wireless access in Utah's courthouses.

January 16, 2009

A Peaceful Transition of Power - Inauguration Day

Want to learn more about the history and traditions of inauguration day?

The U.S. Senate's Inauguration Day Events web page explains the traditions surrounding inauguration day, including the procession to the Capitol, the swearing-in ceremony, the inaugural address, parade and the inaugural ball.

If you're interested in inaguration days gone by, the U.S. Senate's inauguration gallery has images from inaugurations between 1853 and 1905.

January 15, 2009

Filing Procedures web page

A new Filing Procedures web page explains the ins and outs of a sometimes confusing part of the court process.

January 13, 2009

YouTube and the U.S. Congress

YouTube has teamed up with both the U.S. House and Senate to present video by and about representatives and senators.

Click on the map to see which members have a YouTube channel and select Washington, D.C. to see which congressional committees also have their own channel. Some members are posting video to solicit questions and feedback from constituents, and other members are posting "Behind the Scenes" videos.

You can subscribe to one or both channels or simply click on a video you are interested in viewing.

January 12, 2009

Holiday Hours in January

The law library, as well as all Utah State Courts, will be closed on Monday, January 19 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Regular library hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) resume on January 20.

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The wireless password for the week of January 12, 2009 is value.

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January 08, 2009

Utah Legislature 2.0

Do you follow Utah politics and legislation?

Utah's Senate Majority and Minority have unofficial blogs. You can read and comment on featured news stories and legislative discussions posted by Senators.

Let It Snow!

It's snow season - have you ever wondered what the law says about shoveling snow from sidewalks?

Snow removal is generally regulated at the local level, by city or county law, and the responsibilities of private land owners may be different from business owners.

The Salt Lake City Code, for example, has this provision:

14.20.070 Snow To Be Removed From Sidewalks:

It is unlawful for the owner, occupant, lessor or agent of any property abutting on any paved sidewalk to fail to remove or cause to be removed from the length and breadth of the entire sidewalk abutting such property all hail, snow or sleet falling thereon, within twenty four (24) hours after such hail, snow or sleet has ceased falling. Each day such sidewalk is not so cleared shall constitute a new violation.

The Logan City Code has this provision:


It is unlawful for the owner, occupant, lessor or agent of either the owner, occupant or lessor of any property abutting on any paved sidewalk where said property is open to the public for business to fail to remove or cause to be removed from such paved sidewalk and bus stop all hail, snow or sleet falling thereon, and all ice forming thereon, within one hour after such hail, snow or sleet shall have ceased falling or such ice shall have formed; provided, that in case of a storm, between the hours of five o'clock (5:00) P.M. in the afternoon and six o'clock (6:00) A.M. in the succeeding morning, or in case of ice forming during the same hours, such sidewalk shall be cleaned before nine o'clock (9:00) A.M. in the morning immediately succeeding the storm or the formation of such ice.

Many of Utah's city and county codes are available online. If your city or county code isn't online, contact your local public library or city/county clerk's office to see if they have a print copy.

January 06, 2009

New Court of Appeals Briefs

We have received 21 new Court of Appeals briefs. The docket numbers are 20060904CA-20080212CA.

This list is not inclusive. If you need a specific brief, call the Law Library to see if we have it.

U.S. Code Now Available on HeinOnline

The law library's subscription to HeinOnline now includes complete coverage of the United States Code back to 1925.

HeinOnline is available from the public computers of the Utah State Law Library. If you are a Utah state employee, you can also access HeinOnline from your desktop at http://www.heinonline.org/HOL/Welcome.

If you have any questions about HeinOnline please contact the State Law Library at 801-238-7990 or library@email.utcourts.gov.

Our HeinOnline subscription includes:

Law Journal Library of nearly 1200 American, international and non-U.S. legal periodicals. Most journal coverage begins with v.1 and is within a volume of the most current. By comparison, Lexis and Westlaw coverage generally starts in the mid-1980s.

Treaties and Agreements Library of all U.S. treaties and agreements in force and expired, in addition to explanatory materials.

Federal Register Library which includes the Federal Register (1936- ), Code of Federal Regulations (1938- ), Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (1965- ), and U.S. Government Manual (1935- ).

U.S. Supreme Court Library which includes the U.S. Reports (v.1- ) as well as books and journals about the court.

U. S. Attorney General Opinions Library which includes the Official Opinions of the Attorneys General of the United States (1791-1982) and the Opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice (1977-1996).

U. S. Congressional Documents Library which includes complete coverage of the Congressional Record (1873- ).

U.S. Federal History Library which provides complete legislative histories of dozens of major federal acts.

U. S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions and Appeals Library which provides decisions from dozens of federal agencies including Immigration, NLRB, Comptroller General, FCC, NRC, SEC and US Tax Court.

U.S. Statutes at Large Library which provides complete coverage from v.1, 1789.

Presidential Library which includes assorted compilations of the papers of the presidents (1896- ), as well as Title 3 of the CFR (1936- ).

Legal Classics Library which includes hundreds of historical American legal treatises.

All documents are fully searchable PDF images, which include all charts, graphs and photos appearing in the original.

January 05, 2009

New Book - Neighbor Law

We've received the latest edition of Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise.

This Nolo book covers common problems people have with their neighbors, including fences, trees and noise (as the subtitle suggests) as well as animal problems, vehicles, trash, drug dealers and outdoor lights.

Our Law Books for Non-Lawyers handout lists other self-help books we have in the library.

Wireless Password: usury

The wireless password for the week of January 5, 2009 is usury.

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