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Utah Laws Effective January 1, 2009

A number of laws passed during the 2008 General Legislative Session and the 2007 First Special Session become effective in Utah on January 1, 2009, or at least make mention of a January 1, 2009 date.

HB 54 Property Tax Assessment Revisions
HB 77 Personal Property Tax Amendments
HB 106 Clean Air and Efficient Vehicle Tax Incentives
HB 186 Property Tax-County Assessment and Collection Amendments
HB 206 Tax Amendments
HB 359 Tax Changes
HB 365 Aviation Amendments
HB 373 Uniform Fees on Vintage Motor Vehicles

SB 72 Justice Court Amendments
SB 122 Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
SB 136 Apportionment of Business Income and Deduction of Net Losses by an Acquired Corporation
SB 149 Motor Vehicle Liability Policy Minimum Limits
SB 176 Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rates Amendments
SB 237 Commercial Airline and Airport Taxation Amendments
SB 242 Law Enforcement Tracking of Domestic Violence Statistics

The above list is not inclusive. Check the legislature's website for more detail. Portions of the above laws may also have other effective dates. For more information, see the Digest of Legislation.


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