Victim Impact Statements

You will receive a form which, if you choose to complete, asks you to share with the court and the offender the impact the crime has had on you and your family. The information received from victims often impacts the court's decisions.

Notice About Testimony and Hearings

If your testimony is needed in a case, the prosecutor will keep you informed as to when you will need to appear. The prosecutor' s office will try to assist you in working with your employer to allow time off to testify as a victim or witness.

If you wish to be notified about court hearings contact the worker listed on the victim information which has been sent to your or your local victim coordinator.

Please be aware that most juvenile hearings are closed to the public, but as a victim you should be allowed to attend the dispositional (sentencing) part. Contact the court worker or prosecuting attorney if you wish to attend.

Safe Waiting Area

The court will make every effort to provide a separate waiting area for you to wait for court. If you plan to attend a court hearing notify the court worker involved, especially if you have concerns for your safety.

If You Are Threatened

It is a crime for anyone to threaten or hurt you if you are a victim or witness testifying. The prosecuting attorney's office can tell you more about the witness tampering law. Be sure to tell the court worker and prosecuting attorney involved if you receive any threats. Call your police department and file a complaint against the person making threats.

Return of Property

After your property is no longer needed for evidence it can be returned to you. You should contact the police agency who has the property or your Juvenile Court contact person can help you exercise your right to get it back.