In The Second District Juvenile Court
[Minor's name]
A person under eighteen years of age.
CASE NUMBER: [Case number]

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the above named be placed on probation under the supervision of the Probation Division of the Court under the following conditions:

I, [Minor's name], understand that I have been placed on probation by order of the Second District Juvenile Court. I recognize that throughout my probation term I may be returned to the court for violation of any of the following conditions. I further acknowledge that the Court has jurisdiction to amend or modify the conditions of probation. I understand that the length of time on probation will be determined by the Court and termination of probation will not become effective until an order of the Court is issued. In consideration of this grant of probation, I will comply with all of the following conditions:

  1. I will obey all local, state, and federal laws and ordinances, and will report all contacts with law enforcement personnel to my Probation Officer within two days of occurrence.
  2. I will obey the lawful and reasonable requests of the Probation Division, and my parent(s) or custodian(s) with whom I am living.
  3. I understand that Probation staff may contact me at my place of residence, my school, my place of employment, or elsewhere as deemed appropriate.
  4. I will be subject to search of my person, auto, or any area of my residence under my control at any time as determined necessary by the Probation Division.
  5. I will attend school as required by law, or will obtain and maintain gainful employment.
  6. I will participate in any treatment/program ordered by the Court, or directed by my Probation Officer.
  7. I will not use any intoxicating agents and I will submit to random tests for such agents as directed by the Probation Division.
  8. I will not receive, possess, transport, or have under my control any dangerous instrument, weapon, or firearm except with the consent of the Probation Division for legitimate recreational purposes.
  9. I will obtain permission from the Probation Division before leaving the State of Utah. If I leave the State of Utah without permission, or if I am arrested outside of the State of Utah, I hereby consent to voluntarily return from the state in which I may be found, to the State of Utah.
  10. I will obtain permission from my Probation Officer before I marry, change employment, change my residence, enter the military service, purchase a motor vehicle, or enter into any installment purchases.
  11. I will pay all fines and restitution as ordered by the Court and/or outlined by a Probation Officer.
  12. I will comply with the requirements noted in Appendix A, and with the following special conditions of probation:

My signature on this document indicates that I understand and will comply with the requirements. If I fail to comply with the terms of probation, I understand that I may be placed in detention, or on electronic monitoring.
Dated this____________day of ____________________________, 2000 __________________________________

In The Second District Juvenile Court

STATE OF UTAH, in the interest of [Minor's name]
CASE NUMBER [Minor's Casenumber]

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of said probationer, will participate fully in the probation program as follows:

  1. I/We will attend interviews, probation conferences and family counseling as directed through the Probation Division or as ordered by the Court, and will arrange, or furnish transportation for the probationer as necessary.
  2. I/We will report any violation(s) of this probation order immediately to the Probation Division.
  3. I/We understand that any area of our residence that is under the control of said probationer is subject to search.
  4. I/We understand that I/We may be financially responsible for the probationer's placement, treatment, or any costs incurred in returning said probationer to the State of Utah should he/she leave the State of Utah without permission.
  5. I/We understand that willful failure to comply with these conditions may result in my/our appearance before the Court for contempt, and may be subject to being fined, sentenced to jail, or receive other sanctions as deemed appropriate.
Probation Officer
Father or Custodian
Mother or Custodian
ORDERED BY THE COURT THIS________DAY OF ________________________, 2000


COPY OF ORDER GIVEN OR MAILED TO:________________________________________

In The Second District Juvenile Court

STATE OF UTAH, in the interest of [Minor's name]
CASE NUMBER [Minor's casenumber]

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the above named minor will comply with the following special conditions of probation until notified by the Probation Division or by Court order as required.
______ I will not leave my home without permission and without notifying my parent(s) or guardian as to the following: (a) Where I am going; (b) Who I will be with; (c) What I will be doing; (d) When I will return; and (e) I will not change my plans after notifying my parent(s) or guardian, unless I notify them of the change and receive permission to do so.
______ I will be in the physical custody of my parent(s), or in the custody of a responsible adult approved by the Probation Officer, 24 hours a day, except to attend school, employment, counseling, or other activities approved by my parent(s) or guardian and the Probation Division.
______ I will be at my place of residence when not under the direct supervision of a responsible adult, or at a preapproved activity. I will not have friends at my residence without direct supervision from my parent(s), or guardian.
______ I will not associate with any juveniles or adults who are on probation or parole, unless authorized to do so by the Probation Officer.
______ For the first 30 days I will make daily (Monday through Friday) contact with the Probation Officer. If the Probation Officer is not available, I will check in with the receptionist or other Probation Division personnel.
______ I will not have any overnight visits during the first 30 days of probation, and after the first 30 days, any overnight visit must be approved by the Probation Division.
______ I will submit a weekly schedule of my activities to the Probation Department for approval prior to attendance. I understand that the Probation Department may deny attendance to any activity.