Fax Filing Policy for Utah's Appellate Courts


Fax Filing Policy

The Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Court of Appeals have implemented the following fax filing policy, effective August 24, 1998:

1. Fax filings are permitted for documents of 10 pages or less except that regardless of length, petitions for interlocutory appeal, petitions for writ of certiorari and petitions for review may not be filed by fax.

2. The faxed document, which must bear a facsimile of the required signature, will be accepted as an "original' document until the  true original (and any required copies) are filed in the appellate court.  The original must be filed in the court within 5 business days from the date of the transmission by fax.  If the original is not filed in the appellate court within that period, the filing
may be treated as ineffective and untimely.

3. A fax filing is considered "received" when stamped by the clerks' office. The time for stamping is limited to regular office hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., weekdays). For example, a fax bearing a filing time of 5:05 p.m. will be stamped as received on the next business day.

4. Any document filed by fax must also be served concurrently by fax, hand-delivery or mail on all other parties to the appeal, and the faxed document must contain a certificate of service attesting to such service and that the document was initially filed with the court by fax. The time for filing a response to a document filed by fax runs from the date the document was faxed to the court.

5. All risks associated with fax filing are borne by the sender (e.g. court's phone system being out of order, the receiving fax machine running out of paper, etc.).

Appellate Clerks' Office Fax Number: (801) 578-3999