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Employee Survey Statewide Results Definition

Employees are the foundation of every successful organization and the goal of the Utah State Courts is to ensure that court employees are provided the resources and given the opportunity to contribute to the courts' success. The Employee Survey has been designed specifically for the Utah Courts with the goal of measuring the factors contributing to establishing a positive work environment which allow staff to be engaged and motivated to contribute to the mission of the Courts. The Employee Survey is an important part of the process of continually improving the court culture and making the courts the preeminent employer of public service oriented individuals.

The Survey is administered every two years in the Fall and all staff are invited to participate by following a link to a third party website. All respondents are asked to identify their district, position, and length of tenure with the courts with all responses remaining confidential. In addition each statement allows respondents to provide any further written information in an open ended format. The results are reported on both a statewide and district basis with the flexibility to examine down to the position level. This reporting format allows for the examination of results from a variety of perspectives and provides individual districts information regarding their work environment and the opportunity to respond with process improvements and modifications which can then be remeasured every two years.